A Farewell to the Crystal Chalice Store in Fairfax as We move
Our Community Spirit into Global Cyber Space.

We wish to thank the Amazing Aware Community of Fairfax
and the San Francisco Bay Area that has supported
the Crystal Chalice through the years by recognizing

The benefits of crystal magic, sacred geometry, indigenous wisdom, ArcAngels, Ascended Masters, Goddess Knowledge, sound healing, and other expansive offerings we shared with Our Community.

We also want to honor the many Local Artists, Indigenous arts and crafts and Presenters that Shared their jewelry, tarot, art work, music, voice, and Divinely Inspired Wisdom with Us.

Please take a moment and go down Memory Lane with Us on the website and remember how we have all benefited from those amazing times of joining together and creating our new reality of the NOW.

We all are ready to take the next leap Together
We are Building Global Community through the launching of
The Crystal Chalice Online Marketplace
into the next Generation of building Community Spirit with our Global Brothers and Sisters.

Join Us in the Adventure.

Watch us Grow!!!!

Lady Dea Rose
of the Crystal Chalice

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We are currently updating Our Website to continue
Offering the Tools for Healing & Spiritual Ascension
Calling in Artists, Musicians, Crystal Jewelry, Healers, Wisdom Keeper, Indigenious Art from Around the World, Our Community who would like to be part of Our on-line Marketplace
" Treasures of the Heart "
Please contact
Jagat for details.

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As We Spread Our Wings into the Cyber Matrix

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